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  Note: For international inquiry contact directly  - it would be nice to mention that you found out the information in the "Noise-Control-Hellas site"

We are collaborating with " DeltaOhm"  who is specialized in designing and manufacturing of measuring instruments

We represent in Greece the portable product range of

"sound level meters"

"acoustic calibrators"

"vibration instruments"


The benefits of the above collaboration and of the instruments are:

a) European Origin and new design

b) Detachable mic. for difficult measuring positions. (cable length till 5m)

c) A PC software program is included with upgrade options

d) the have a USB port (besides typical in & out jacks)

e) they are cost effective

f) the have a multiple display screen

g) The manufacturer has a certified calibration laboratory

h) they have our Technical Support (we provide training option at your office  with Greek pamphlets and Greek presentation DVD)






3  extension microphone cable for measuring in non reachable positions (fan on high wall - power transformer on pillar - high rise ship exhaust e.t.c.




     6 Software PC program for graphic analysis even with EXCEL-Windows








multiple graphic display. 6







The line of the sound level meters is suitable for :

Industrial Health inspectors, Music inspectors, Police dept., Civil Authorities.

Safety advisors,   Environmental Engineers,   Road construction,   Factory technical departments.

Acoustic Engineers,   Audio Engineers,    UniversitiesMechanical engineers, etc.


         SOUND LEVEL METERS        (type I  & Type II)

                                           (spl meters - technical comparison chart  (opens .doc file)

HD2010.pdf (Integrating SPL meter, statistical & Spectral analyzer)

HD2010UC.pdf  (Integrating SPL meter, statistical analyzer)

HD2010UC/A.pdf (Integrating SPL meter, spectrum, data logger,  Ln analysis)

HD2110.pdf  (Integrating SPL meter, statistical & Spectral analyzer, data logger)

HD8701.pdf  (simple SPL meter, type II  - easy to operate)

Due to their design the instruments are capable for future upgrade (software & hardware)

Digital SPLmeter - Calibrators  

type I  & Type II   with selection of  94dB AND 110dB

HD9101 - 9102.pdf

HD2020.pdf  (new type)       

Digital Vibration Analyzer

HD2030.pdf   -  4chanel analysis




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Postal address :    14  Grig. Kydonion str  -   171.23  Nea  Smyrni   -  Athens  -  Hellas

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