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Our firm “Noise-Control” is exclusively involved in the evaluation and suppression of unwonted noises and vibrations either by conducting acoustical studies or by designing and manufacturing specialised acoustic products.

We are specialised in Mechanical and Industrial installations, Acoustical improvement of Architectural halls, Environmental Acoustics and Antivibration Protection.

We support and advise the major Hellenic Technical firms of Architectural, Mechanical and Environmental studies, in Acoustical and sound Insulation problems.

Our product range is flexible and follows the customer’s specific needs.

Testing of our products is done in our own Acoustical Laboratory Installations




The Greek site  contains various articles published in several technical magazines

(no links sorry, only in Greek).


- Sound Recordings in Home Studio

- Insulation improvement of typical doors

- Industrial Noise and personnel protection

- Noise from Generator Sets

- Industrial Noise & Machine enclosures

- Evaluation of Erected traffic Noise Barriers

- Noise of HVAC

- Boiler Noise

- Sound Absorbing and insulating materials


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