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Ballistic Protection

We have designed & manufactured Bullet Traps, for handheld arms (pistols, rifles) as well as shooting stalls with sound insulating and sound absorbing properties for police personnel training.


We can deliver 5 types of bullet traps

1st - low depth / consisting mainly from recycled heavy duty rubber tiles with a steel backing (type name = rubber tile)

2nd - low depth / full metal - consisting of multiple horizontal high grade steel louvers with a steel backing (type name = louver)

3rd - medium depth / consisting from a metal funnel behind the target area, and interchangeable recycled heavy duty rubber tiles below and above the target area  (type name = mixed)

4th - 3 meters depth / consisting from a "stepped" designed metal backing and filled with recycled clean rubber chips (type name = rubber chips)

5th - 4,5 meters depth / consisting only from "shaped" metal as a floor to roof funnel  (type name = full metal)


We can offer design assistance

if you need assistance for the design of your shooting stall (Bullet handling, ricochet design, noise abatement, acoustic behavior, ventilation, floor preparation etc) please e_mail your problem / request, and we will be happy to reply.


We can deliver shooting hall panels (acoustic & ricochet) 

the panels, according to your request, can have high grade steel backing and protective facing with tiles from recycled rubber, or woven rock fiber, or any other requested material


If you have any kind of a "strange" design request, we can provide you bullet trap at a very competitive price.

(all bullet traps, are build as multiple & interchangeable smaller parts for easy handling & transportation)


      Following pictures are from 1st stage manufacturing of bullet traps


ballistic Louver type / section



back plate section



deflector section







Base section




transportation of a 6-line bullet trap

  (only 1 truck was used)





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